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Code Review Template

It has been always a challenge in a development team to come up with a Standard Code Review Template for .NET. I struggled with the same issue and hence researched on the web to find out some code review guidelines which can help each developer and development team to evaluate those important criteria for a better development practice. This template also provides some important links to a developer to follow as a set of guidelines based on standard practices.

This practice eventually helps building a healthy, stable and a better performing application from inside out. The following document provides a template based on following three main criteria.
1.      Maintainability & Adaptability
2.       Robustness
3.       Performance
You can download the Code Review Template DotNetCodeReview.doc (85.50 kb)

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  • Deangelo Anos

    7/3/2010 3:27:49 AM | Reply

    I've subscribed to your news feed after reading this item! Could you publish more about the topic in future posts?