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Welcome !

Welcome to my Personal Web Site. Today is an auspicious day.

I have just launched this web site on the day of Dussehra.  May the divine mother bring all the happiness in your life. Please feel free to check out all the links. I will really appreciate your comments. Your feedback will help me to improve this web site. If you have not registered yet, then please register to see more pictures and update your profile. Your contact information will be kept confidential. I will continue to upload more pictures.


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  • Vishwa Mohan

    9/30/2006 2:39:25 AM | Reply

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  • Deepte

    10/1/2006 1:04:03 AM | Reply

    Impressive !

  • Rajiv

    10/2/2006 10:11:21 PM | Reply

    Great job man. Pls add some more pics.

  • Sunil

    10/2/2006 10:55:17 PM | Reply

    Nice Website  Smile   Nice to c  pics of my old buddy after a long time

  • Manish Gupta

    10/3/2006 12:58:57 AM | Reply

    Great Effort and a great looking site !!

    1) Good structure and organisation of information
    2) Easy navigation

    1)The "Write your comments" link could be made more visible Smile

    2) The "Theme" functionality i guess is not operational yet

    3) You may want to give visitors the option to write comments on the photos    


  • Bill McGouirk

    10/3/2006 12:04:34 PM | Reply

    Great site!  Really cool!  

  • Matt Snyder

    10/3/2006 2:50:29 PM | Reply

    Vishwa, this looks great. I love the pictures. Keep them coming. It looks like you had a great trip. I hope all is well.

  • Tanna Tanna

    10/3/2006 5:31:58 PM | Reply

    Hi Vishwa!  Thanks so much for sharing your site with me.  I am loving the history and learning (thanks for explaining those areas where I've had question) and I'm actually learning a little more about what you do in coding and development.  I find all the information displayed so wonderfully interesting! As for the layout, I love the theme visual in the dark scope (the blue and light are nice, too) but for me the dark just deepens and makes rich the beautiful photography inset. Definitely a nice place I will visit often.  PS:  Love the Thought of the Day! You know I will be hanging out in the Cool Information spot -- Thanks!  Hope you continue to post your critque on movies, too!

  • Khyati

    10/4/2006 3:07:32 PM | Reply

    Vishwa-ji, this site is very well-designed and developed. The content, layout, navigation, everything is good. Your blog on Yoga is also interesting! Best wishes...Khyati

  • Sandhya

    10/5/2006 12:54:03 PM | Reply

    Great Work !!
    Looking forward to see more postings from you.

  • Brian Bohanna

    10/5/2006 3:29:51 PM | Reply

    Awesome Job on the Website... I want one!!!


  • Brent Jackson

    10/6/2006 10:47:39 AM | Reply

    Looks good Vishwa, you should have a section for Resturant reviews and have the first review be the Swapna!

  • Janmejay Rathore

    10/6/2006 3:02:29 PM | Reply

    It is so good to know that you have not changed over the years. Your love for the bhartiya sanskriti shows in your website too! Great work dude!

  • Sushma

    10/6/2006 10:27:56 PM | Reply

    Portal looks really nice. Navigation is very easy. Good work!!!

  • Vishal

    10/8/2006 6:11:50 PM | Reply

    Its been great to see your website. its great to see urpics and gettingback in touch. keep it up and I will visit again soon.

  • Sandra Mann

    10/10/2006 7:15:06 PM | Reply

    I really enjoyed visiting your webpage. It is very informative and I look foward to visiting it on a daily basis.

  • Nilesh Vaswani

    10/11/2006 5:19:04 AM | Reply

    Great efforts yield great results and your site is no exception.

    Just that I couldn't locate any snap with me in there :o)

  • Darshan

    10/17/2006 9:52:34 PM | Reply

    Vishwa ROCKS!!! I think I am going to ask you to develop my website too Smile

  • Vishwa

    10/20/2006 3:47:00 AM | Reply

    Nice to see another Vishwa Mohan that too from Gaya. Well, I am Vishwa Mohan from Bhagalpur infact kept hopping from Bihar to Jhrakkand so not sure from which state I belong to. I was looking for vishwamohan domain and then tried to find out in blogspot that too you have taken. Not an issue will get some domain but was really nice to meet another Vishwa Mohan as earlier I came across only with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt.
    Nice job keep it up

  • Brent Jackson

    10/26/2006 3:45:53 AM | Reply

    Yo Yo Vishwisie, I like the favicon.  You need to add one in for TDC.  Later, Brent

  • Matt Snyder

    10/31/2006 5:24:00 PM | Reply

    Still looking great Vishwa. I hope all is well there.

  • Chris Yarber

    11/6/2006 3:10:07 PM | Reply


    NICE website.I've gota read the articles sometime soon, looks like you've got some good stuff!

  • Darshan

    11/6/2006 9:50:11 PM | Reply

    Just to let you know that I did visit your website... again! So Ash and Abhishek are getting married.. Big Deal... hopefully soon you will be announcing my wedding on your website Smile

  • Shubha

    12/19/2006 3:53:27 AM | Reply

    Good Work !

  • Shubha Manju

    12/22/2006 5:56:24 AM | Reply


    I didn't understand why to login. Does it open any chat window?