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Understanding 3 Tier vs. 3 Layer Architecture

The terms tier and layer are frequently used interchangeably, but actually there is a difference between them: Tiers indicate a physical separation of components, which may mean different assemblies such as DLL, EXE etc on the same server or multiple servers; but layers refers to a logical separation of components, such as having distinct namespaces and classes for the Database Access Layer (DAL), Business Logic Layer (BLL) and User Interface Layer (UIL). Therefore, tier is about physical separation and units of deployment, and layers are about logical separation and units of design.

NET 2.0 Email

As you know .NET 1.x used System.Web.Mail namespace which was a wrapper around old CDONTS and CDOSYS dlls. Microsoft.Net 2.0 introduces System.Net.Mail Namespace which is written from the ground up without any interop. So, it is not dependent on COM libraries. In most cases you face with situations for sending a simple email with plain text, with attachment or authenticated email. I wrote this example in three simple subroutines. Depends on your need or you can use either one or mix and match. There is more variety or flavors can be added like Cc, bcc, html format with or without images etc. I targeted the common uses. [More]