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HttpException: Maximum request length exceeded

I have come across this error multiple times at work. This problem occurs because the default value for the maxRequestLength parameter in the section of the Machine.config or Web.Config file is 4096 (4 megabytes). As a result, files that are larger than this value are not uploaded by default. [More]

Developing 3 Tier Application in .NET - Part 3

In this section, I will connect Business Logic Layer (BLL) to Data Access Layer and then User Interface Layer (UIL) to Business Logic Layer (BLL).
Note: If you are developing an enterprise application please see my next article on “Understanding 3-Tier vs. 3-Layer Architecture”. [More]

Developing 3 Tier Application in .NET - Part 2

In this section, I will show you how to connect Data Access Layer(DAL) to previously designed database customer table in Part -1. But in order to access the database we will require connection string, so let's define the connection string called “LocalSqlServer” in web.config file. [More]

Export GridView Data to MS-Excel

In the following example, I will demonstrate how to export GridView Data into MS-Excel using VB.NET. It uses the same business object to select data from database. I have simply formatted the GridView control from previous example.


People Responsible for Your Birth

Each of us on this planet earth is proud of our own identity. Some are identifying on the basis of their race, skin color, religion, culture, community, rich, and poor. Some people are creating groups based on life style etc. But have we ever thought that how many people were born over generations to just create YOU? They could be from diverse backgrounds. [More]

The Word Hindu and India

The word 'Hindu' is NOT a Sanskrit word. Numerous scholars say it is not found in any of the Vedic literature. So it is important to know how such a name can truly represent the Vedic culture. And without the Vedic literature, there is no basis for “Hinduism.” Similarly, the name ‘India’ did not come from any Indian language or culture. So let’s find out their origin. [More]

Understanding 3 Tier vs. 3 Layer Architecture

The terms tier and layer are frequently used interchangeably, but actually there is a difference between them: Tiers indicate a physical separation of components, which may mean different assemblies such as DLL, EXE etc on the same server or multiple servers; but layers refers to a logical separation of components, such as having distinct namespaces and classes for the Database Access Layer (DAL), Business Logic Layer (BLL) and User Interface Layer (UIL). Therefore, tier is about physical separation and units of deployment, and layers are about logical separation and units of design.

NET 2.0 Email

As you know .NET 1.x used System.Web.Mail namespace which was a wrapper around old CDONTS and CDOSYS dlls. Microsoft.Net 2.0 introduces System.Net.Mail Namespace which is written from the ground up without any interop. So, it is not dependent on COM libraries. In most cases you face with situations for sending a simple email with plain text, with attachment or authenticated email. I wrote this example in three simple subroutines. Depends on your need or you can use either one or mix and match. There is more variety or flavors can be added like Cc, bcc, html format with or without images etc. I targeted the common uses. [More]