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Error: A call to SSPI failed

If you are configuring your client application to use WCF net TCP binding, you may come across the following error. A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.The target principal name is incorrect [More]

Error: The underlying connection was closed

This is one of the most interesting error you may come across specially when using WCF Services. It will give you no detail, just go figure out - The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly. So what to do? Most likely you have dataset size issue which is going back and forth between different tiers. For the security and performance reasons you should always limit the size. But if you are required to pass big chunk of data, you have to change the size to it’s maximum. So how do we do it? [More]

WCF Diagnostics

Have you seen weird error messages using WCF Services and unable to figure out easily as what’s going on? Add the following diagnostics configuration in you config file under configuration section, may be at the bottom. It will generate a file named “App_tracelog.svclog”, you can open as XML file and read the info and may be able using trace the problem. [More]

WCF Service Hosted in Web Farm or Multi-Homed Scenario

If a WCF Service is deployed in a load balanced environment and hosted on multiple Web Servers under IIS, which is accessed on a public domain, WCF WSDL document refers to a the responding machine name which is generally inaccessible on a public domain. So what you should be doing to make it right? [More]