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Multi-threaded Parallel Processing

Many times you come across a situation when you have to execute the same logic across different clients or batch. While running them in simplest manner without multi-threading, your records will be sequentially processed means your process will take longer time to finish. So here is an example to implement Multi-threading [More]

WCF Service Hosted in Web Farm or Multi-Homed Scenario

If a WCF Service is deployed in a load balanced environment and hosted on multiple Web Servers under IIS, which is accessed on a public domain, WCF WSDL document refers to a the responding machine name which is generally inaccessible on a public domain. So what you should be doing to make it right? [More]


You may come across a situation where you might have to embed a static or Dynamic URL with a query string, it becomes tricky, here is the simple solution [More]

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Recently came across some issues while upgrading from Windows Server Domain Change with same TFS. Before that I had another issue from Visual Source Safe (VSS) 2005 to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (VSTFS) 2010. Found some workarounds and limitations. I am assuming you are using Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 [More]

Convert Number or Money in Words

Many times we come across the situation of converting a number spelled into words or a monetary value spelled into dollars & cents (or equivalent currency). I found the following code over internet and changed to fit my need (as we all do) and generalized in such a way that it can be used for either just convert a number to words or monetary value to words. You can add different country code if needed. [More]