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Pros & Cons of Designing Application using OOA vs. SOA

In many organization, it is asked how would we benefit by taking this particular approach of Designing and Developing Application. It can be a brand new application or porting a legacy code. In most cases organization wants a quick solution to address the immediate need, some may come back later and rework in a phased approach but some just keep moving with quick and dirty solutions until a situation demand for real upgrade or rewrite. [More]

WCF Diagnostics

Have you seen weird error messages using WCF Services and unable to figure out easily as what’s going on? Add the following diagnostics configuration in you config file under configuration section, may be at the bottom. It will generate a file named “App_tracelog.svclog”, you can open as XML file and read the info and may be able using trace the problem. [More]

Export GridView Data to CSV/Excel/XML format

Many times your customers will ask if they can export the Gridview data in one of the most popular formats like CSV, Excel or XML. I had written an example before for exporting Gridview data to Excel only, here I am combining all of three popular formats at one place so that you can choose whatever it may fit your need or give the opportunity to end user to select whatever format they would like to choose to export the data. [More]

Refreshing FRAME

FRAMEs are tricky in nature; it is advisable to avoid them. But in many scenarios you have no other choices but to deal with it. Here are some useful tips while handling a FRAME. [More]

Multi Header Footer Gridview

You may come across a situation, where you may have to display multiple headers rather just single one, and also some of these header or footer values has to be updated dynamically. Here is a simple example on how to do it using a simple ASPX page. [More]