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WCF Service Error: The maximum message size quota ...

If you are using a WCF (Web) Service in client application and dealing with large data, at some point you may come across an error message:

{"The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element."} Here is the solution. [More]

Pros and Cons of Data Transfer Objects

Nearly every developer and architect would agree on the following, though relatively loose, definition of the business logic layer (BLL) of a software application: The BLL is the part of the software application that deals with the performance of business-related tasks. Code in the BLL operates on data that attempts to model entities in the problem domain—invoices, customers, orders, and the like. Operations in the BLL attempt to model business processes. [More]

Converting Data From ASP.NET to Classic ASP

Recently I came across a situation when I had to encrypt certain piece of data into ASP.NET and then read the same encrypted data for decryption into Classic ASP. Spent several hours and could not understand why the same encryption/decryption method used in both are producing entirely two different characters. After doing some tests, finally I concluded that it is an issue of character Encoding. [More]

Marriage and Divorce

I found the following story on my favorite actor Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog, this is about marriage and divorce. Sometime people take such hasty decision without thinking properly and giving sufficient time. I hope you will like it too. Here the story goes… [More]

Custom Service or RESTful Service?

REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a type of Web service that is rapidly gaining in popularity. So you might ask yourself what the difference is between RESTful services and custom Web services, and why you might choose one type over the other. The key difference between the two types is that REST services are resource-centric while custom services are operation-centric. With REST, you divide your data into resources, give each resource a URL, and implement standard operations on those resources that allow creation, retrieval, update, and deletion (CRUD). With custom services, you can implement any arbitrary method, which means that the focus is on the operations rather than the resources, and those operations can be tailored to the specific needs of your application. [More]

Securing .NET Config Files

As you know, Web.Config and App.Config files are like plain readable XML files. However, it contains sensitive information such as Connection Strings, Impersonation, App Setting Keys and their values. At some point you may need to secure these sections. .NET Framework allows to make your life simple, by just executing few commands on Command Prompt or few clicks using a Enterprise Library Configuration tool, you can achieve the desired result. There is only one basic requirement you should be able to at least remotely login to the Server where you would like to make these thing. Following are few simple steps to secure web/app.config. [More]

Communication with the underlying transaction

If you are using .NET 2.0 or higher Framework and System.Transactions Namespace to handle your transactions, chances are you may come across this error. In my application, I was using ADO.NET transaction, in stored procedure SQL Server transaction and now we decided to use a powerful transaction handler using .NET framework. If you are writing everything fresh, most likely you won’t like to mix different type of transaction handling mechanism. But what if you already have existing code and do not want to change, what to do. I tried to mix all the three kind of transactions, but it resulted in errors. Sometime, they timeout, sometime it just hanged and sometime it produced Microsoft Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) error. So, how to resolve this problem? After spending several hours I found that one must follow following basic steps. [More]

Secure Query String using Symmetric Cryptography

It is important to secure information on the web specially when transferring data from one page to another. Some information you may not want to make it readable by end user. Microsoft .NET provides Cryptography namespace which can be easily utilized for this purpose. The following example contains a simple class containing Encryption and Decryption method. It supports 2 types – DESC and Rijndael. Symmetric type and encryption key can be configured easily through .config file. [More]

Error: System.ServiceModel.Channels

Recently I came across interesting error messages while calling a WCF Service Hosted in IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 Server. From the error message, I could not figure out the real cause. But after doing some research and changing few configuration information and changing the code, it appears that these solutions fixed these errors. [More]